Training Revalidation flight with license holders for SEP(land)

      Reimbursement of go-arounds for Aeroclub Mesogeion licenced pilots

      1st Safety Awareness Bulletin

      December 2016

      Special Offer for PPL(A) course registration

      November 2016

      Tsopelas Anastasios Cup - GA Rally Flying Tatoi

      "Tsopelas Anastasios"
Competition Award

      National Rally Flying Competition A/D Dekeleia 12/11/2016

      September 2016




If you want to join as a member of Aeroclub Mesogeion you have to download and fill in the member registration application. Submit it at our office at Dekeleia Airport, or send it at our official address: AEROCLUB MESOGEION, Adelfon Xintara 24, PIKERMI PC 190.09., or color-scan it and send it by email at info@mesogeion-aeroclub.gr Member rights and obligations are refered to the Association Memorandum of our club. Please read this carefully before you apply for membership. For gift - demo flights member application must be sent at least 7 days before the flight. .

Administration Board
President Tsopela Stavroula
Vice-President Kalpakoglou Thomas
General Secretary Fountoukos Georgios
Cashier Tsopelas Ilias
Ephor Kladouchos Anastasios

Inspection Board
President Vavatsis Konstantinos
Member Kyranakos Sotirios
Member Tsatsaragkos Vasileios